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Transito: The Permanent Temporary Solution

  Their days at the precinct were entering its third week. People had lost track of time, lost all sense of personal wellbeing. On the sixteenth day, when everyone was fast asleep, the Ahmadiyya men were awaken and told to head down the police compound’s mosque. The Ahmadis were all feeling drowsy from the few hours of sleep they had. One by one they picked up their sandals and headed to the mosque where they were told to sit down….

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Finding a Story Worth Retelling

In 2011, I traveled to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara to attend an ASEAN ministerial meeting. In the middle of a boring session me and my friend Monique, a producer from Metro TV decided to sneak out and explore this beautiful island. At one point I told her if we could go to Transito. It was a disused government complex which was re-purposed to host the Ahmadiyya refugees, a religious minority group which is constantly persecuted by hardline Sunni Muslims. These…

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Preview: “This Home Was Never Mine”

Please help by leaving a comment on my goodreads page (link below) or press the like button. The more comments and likes I get, the more publishers will see that there is a lot of buzz about the book. Thank you, have a pleasant read… Read the preview chapter here  

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Why I Wrote A Book: The Story Behind The Story

My career was blossoming but emotionally I was at a low point in my life. I was named assistant news editor after working two and a half year as a reporter. I was used to producing long, in-depth, analysis, award-winning news feature stories and then suddenly I was confined to a one by two meter desk, glued to a chair, forced to stare at a computer screen for hours on end. But then a friend compared an article that I…

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