Our Times Our Feelings

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My friend Pugar “Uga” Restu Julian or “thedyingsirens” approached me one day saying he wants me to cover or remix one of his songs for a special edition of his album. He had heard about my one man project where I composed songs using nothing but layers and layers of beatboxing. After listening to his materials I decided to do a cover of his first single on the album “Our Times Our Feelings”

The song basically has a two-chord progression and was pretty uplifting. I changed the mood by transforming the progression to minor, creating a dark feel almost an ironic twist if you will to the fun, catchy, simple lyric of the song.

Technically I used dozens of tracks of nothing but human voice (some heavily processed though): 3 tracks for the “kick drum” sound, 2 effects, 2 layers of vocals and echo, 1 for bell-like accent, 4 for stereo choir, 4 violin sounding background, 1 heavily processed ambience, and 1 (most proud of this) distorted lead “violin.”

The original is also a gem. Check out thedyingsirens’ version below.


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