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IMG_4766I’m a journalist and editor at the Jakarta Globe, an English-language newspaper in Indonesia. I authored the book “This Home Was Never Mine” a narrative non-fiction about religious persecution in Indonesia.



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  1. Jorgen Lohne
    June 23, 2014

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    Dear Mr Nivell Rayda,

    I have tried to contact you via Facebook message.

    I am looking for a good fixer and translator in Jakarta from Juli 1st, and you have been recommended to me?

    Would you be available for this kind of work in the beginning of next month?

    Please contact me on mail: jl@ap.no, or by phone: +86 186 1408 29 29 or + 47 91 70 49 91.

    Best regards, Jorgen Lohne, Asia correspondent for the Norwegian Newspaper Aftenposten.

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