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Transito: The Permanent Temporary Solution

  Their days at the precinct were entering its third week. People had lost track of time, lost all sense of personal wellbeing. On the sixteenth day, when everyone was fast asleep, the Ahmadiyya men were awaken and told to head down the police compound’s mosque. The Ahmadis were all feeling drowsy from the few hours of sleep they had. One by one they picked up their sandals and headed to the mosque where they were told to sit down….

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Writing Indonesia

A few weeks ago I learned about these Google Tools which journalists could use to better visualize their stories. They are great and some are free. Then I also found these great tools to help visualize my story more, here and here I’ve been wanting to play around with them and to familiarize myself with them I decided to experiment using Google Maps and make a map of datelines of articles I am most proud of. Hope you like it.

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