Journalists Should Start Writing Fiction: Here’s Why

understanding the characters in our story, their flaws and strengths, their inner thoughts and intimate secrets, and how they change throughout their journeys give life to a story

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ASEF Journalist Workshop at the Easeland Hotel in Guangzhou, China, May 7-11, 2016. Photo courtesy of ASEF

Journalists Around the World Should Connect with One Another

There are enormous amount of stories which are overlooked by Asian media which might be important to the European audience vice versa. It is unfortunate that we don’t know about each other’s countries beyond what is reported by international media giants which are controlling the narratives.

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Spotlight Wins Best Picture, But Can It Save Journalism?

There has been a lot of investigative reports in Indonesia but in the age of social media, the impact is not the same as it used to be. The way people consume news is very different.

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Update on New Project: Fiction

Hi Folks, It’s been a while since my last post. I just want to update you that I am currently working on another book, this time it will be a fiction. I am now at 10,000 words so that’s about 1/8 or 1/7 of a novel. I will tell you what the new book is about in future post. Right now, all I can say is that I find the writing process really challenging but super exciting. One thing I’m…

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This Home Was Never Mine, Out Now

Dear readers, It gives me great pleasure to tell you that my book ”THIS HOME WAS NEVER MINE” is finally out. The book is a true story on the religious persecution of one religious minority family in Lombok, Indonesia. The book is now available as both e-book and paperback. I am self publishing the whole thing, financed the whole research, edit and even did the illustration myself, so it means a great deal to me that you buy this work that I am…

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Transito: The Permanent Temporary Solution

  Their days at the precinct were entering its third week. People had lost track of time, lost all sense of personal wellbeing. On the sixteenth day, when everyone was fast asleep, the Ahmadiyya men were awaken and told to head down the police compound’s mosque. The Ahmadis were all feeling drowsy from the few hours of sleep they had. One by one they picked up their sandals and headed to the mosque where they were told to sit down….

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Writing Indonesia

A few weeks ago I learned about these Google Tools which journalists could use to better visualize their stories. They are great and some are free. Then I also found these great tools to help visualize my story more, here and here I’ve been wanting to play around with them and to familiarize myself with them I decided to experiment using Google Maps and make a map of datelines of articles I am most proud of. Hope you like it.

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Finding a Story Worth Retelling

In 2011, I traveled to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara to attend an ASEAN ministerial meeting. In the middle of a boring session me and my friend Monique, a producer from Metro TV decided to sneak out and explore this beautiful island. At one point I told her if we could go to Transito. It was a disused government complex which was re-purposed to host the Ahmadiyya refugees, a religious minority group which is constantly persecuted by hardline Sunni Muslims. These…

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Preview: “This Home Was Never Mine”

Please help by leaving a comment on my goodreads page (link below) or press the like button. The more comments and likes I get, the more publishers will see that there is a lot of buzz about the book. Thank you, have a pleasant read… Read the preview chapter here  

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Our Times Our Feelings

My friend Pugar “Uga” Restu Julian or “thedyingsirens” approached me one day saying he wants me to cover or remix one of his songs for a special edition of his album. He had heard about my one man project where I composed songs using nothing but layers and layers of beatboxing. After listening to his materials I decided to do a cover of his first single on the album “Our Times Our Feelings” The song basically has a two-chord progression…

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